Working Sabbaticals for

Grassroots Organizers

A right-wing fundraiser in the US once said that an “organized minority can always defeat a disorganized majority.” Let’s help the world’s majority in their heroic efforts to get organized and engage in nonviolent collective action to win rights, freedom, justice, and sustainability! Such efforts are especially important now in this challenging era of democratic backsliding, rising authoritarianism, divide and conquer oppression, and multinational corporate rule.

Can you make a financial contribution to Solidarity 2020 and Beyond’s new Connect-the-Dots: Activist Travel and Learning Exchange Program?

Solidarity 2020 and Beyond is an international solidarity network to support a growing community of practice of over 175 trained and trusted organizers in the Global Grassroots Activist Network (GGAN), whose members are leaders within scores of diverse social change campaigns in 70 different countries in the Global South. They are all experimenting with popular education, community organizing, issue advocacy, peacebuilding, and strategic nonviolent resistance to challenge and transform abusive and unequal power structures in their societies, and promote the common good and human rights for all.

GGAN members have increasingly told the staff of Solidarity 2020 and Beyond–and its international Organizing Committee–that it would help “up their game” enormously to have access to small grants to cover travel expenses so they can take short sabbaticals to:

  • Visit their colleagues in other regions and countries, 

  • Pitch in to support their hosts’ movements and campaigns, 

  • Learn from each other firsthand, and 

  • Take the lessons learned back home in order to strengthen their own organizing. 

Several GGAN members have also offered to be hosts, covering most of the food and lodging required in exchange for the opportunity to have other activists visit them, learn from them, share new ideas with them, and volunteer to help their campaigns for a period of a few weeks to a few months. 

Solidarity 2020 and Beyond is therefore launching this crowdfunding effort to raise $20,000 to build up this new peer-to-peer learning program and test its worth. We would love you to contribute and/or become a member of our crowdfunding team. 

Won’t you help us support this pilot project to build solidarity among diverse movements in the Global South and promote peer-to-peer learning and mutual aid among grassroots activists and organizers?

We have already raised the small amount of funds needed to cover the overhead costs for S2020B staff to 1) match host communities and traveling activists, 2) select the small grant recipients, 3) transfer the Connect the Dot funds to them, and 4) measure and evaluate the impact of this program, but we now need to go the extra mile. All money raised in this crowdfunding campaign will be sent directly to the field in order to cover hospitality stipends to assist host activists and small grants to cover the visiting activists’ travel expenses.


Please give generously! For additional information, contact us at

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