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"That is why I am on this forum, to learn from activists around the world, and I find that many problems are very much the same. Different country, different regions but same challenges we face. so we have so much to learn from each other and encourage each other”.

- Farai Maguru -

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Thank you so much for donating to Solidarity 2020 and Beyond’s very important work. You are supporting Global Activists and their movements when you give.  Our financial sponsor Nonviolence International takes donations on our behalf to be distributed by our team to our Global Grassroots Activists network. 

With activists in over 175 countries there are a lot of needs. 

You can also Donate to our Small and Emergency Grants Campaign on GoFundMe!

All donations go directly to activists in the field to support their essential work through small and emergency grants. Give now through September 18th to help us reach our $20,000 goal.