Our Vision

Solidarity 2020 and Beyond envisions a world where people are empowered, prepared, supported and mobilized to struggle strategically and non-violently for justice, equality, dignity and rights for all (humans, animals and mother nature).

Our Mission

SOLIDARITY 2020 and Beyond provides support and solidarity for grassroots activists around the world utilizing strategic nonviolent action to build campaigns and movements for change. This initiative is led by the Global Grassroots Activist Network, 100+ grassroots nonviolent action leaders from around the world working for environmental justice, land rights, women’s rights and gender justice, self-determination, indigenous and minority rights, freedom of religion, democratization, and anti-corruption in Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Supported by a coalition of international scholar activists, journalists, and practitioners.

They are supported by an Organizing Committee of 25 activist scholars and journalists acting in solidarity with these locally-led campaigns and movements on a number of projects and initiatives.

The aim of the SOLIDARITY 2020 and Beyond is to work in solidarity with grassroots activists to enhance strategic nonviolent resistance training, convening and networking, psychosocial support and sharing best practices and information across and within movements. We provide interactive webinars and brainstorming sessions, participatory research and data gathering projects, resource files, a media plan that includes blogs, vlogs, online articles, and podcasts.

We want to build people power and mobilize effectively to fight for change to create a world that is more equal, just, peaceful, and provides dignity for all.

Our Activities

To accomplish our Vision and Mission, Solidarity 2020 and Beyond seeks to be a connector and coalition builder supporting numerous projects, networking, and working group initiatives driven by the voice and requests of grassroots activists and movements. These currently include: interactive webinar series, sharing and convening meetings and presentations of grassroots activists, convenings and meetings of allies, participatory action research and data gathering, emergency funds initiative, advocacy, psycho-social models and support, resource lists, and Social Media Campaigns to include blogs, vlogs, online articles, and podcasts. 

The common thread with grassroots activists we support are those waging campaigns and movements utilizing nonviolent resistance to fight for dignity, equality and human rights under international law. Types of struggles include land rights, self-determination, environmental justice, democratization, women’s rights and gender justice, anti-corruption campaigns, indigenous rights, minority rights, religious rights, freedom of speech, human rights and many others.

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