Solidarity 2020 and Beyond

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Timely Publications on Peacebuilding, Nonviolent Resistance, Movement Building and Organizing


On Female Political inclusion

Women’s political inclusion in Kenya’s devolved political system

Women & peace building

What Prevents Peace? Women and Peacebuilding in Bosnia and Nepal

Books and Monographs

Civil Action and the Dynamics of Violence

Introduction of scholars and practitioners and the concept of civil action within the wider spectrum of behavior in the midst of civil conflict and war

Edited by Deborah Avant, Marie Berry, Erica Chenoweth, Rachel Epstein, Cullen Hendrix, Oliver Kaplan, and Timothy Sisk

War, Women, and Power

War, Women, and Power: From Violence to Mobilization in Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina

By Marie E. Berry



BBC Africa Interview
mumbi ruth
Nairobi, Kenya (GGAN), Founder, Grassroots Women Initiative Network, Carter Center, HRD, Frontline Defender,

Interview with OC member, Ram Bhandari

Ram Kumar Bhandari has led the struggle to secure justice for victims of Nepal’s conflict for over a decade. His involvement with the victims’ movement began when his own father was disappeared in 2001. He has helped to launch the National network of families of the disappeared (NEFAD), the Committee for Social Justice, the National Victims Alliance, and more recently the Conflict Victims Common Platform and the Hateymalo widows’ groups.


The Arts and Symbolism in Mexico’s Feminist Movement

Poncho H., Mexico City

Last August, during a press conference with Mexico City’s police chief, a group of young women were seen breaking windows and throwing pink glitter in the police chief’s face. This was to demand justice for a teenager allegedly raped by four police officers. The episode sparked what became known as the glitter revolution, a new wave of feminist activism in Mexico…

Front line defenders

Cypher - Edition 01

The first edition of the new monthly digital magazine, “Cypher” – a comics storytelling magazine featuring the work and struggles of HRDs around the world. Follow on Instagram @cypher_comics for the release and for more information.

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