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On Female Political inclusion

Women’s political inclusion in Kenya’s devolved political system

Women & peace building

What Prevents Peace? Women and Peacebuilding in Bosnia and Nepal

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How Agent Provocateurs harm our movements

History shows us that peoples’ movements are more likely to succeed when they have unity among supporters, widespread participation, strategic planning, and nonviolent discipline. Unsurprisingly, movement opponents use agent provocateurs – fake activists working undercover – to behave in counter productive ways that undermine these four keys to success.

by Steven Chase, S2020B Associate Director, for ICNC Publication

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The Role of External Support in Nonviolent Campaigns: Poisoned Chalice or Holy Grail?

External support to various actors involved in nonviolent campaigns can affect the trajectory of a nonviolent struggle. This monograph evaluates which external support to civil resistance campaigns is efficacious as well as the cumulative impact of these forms of external support on campaign outcomes. 

by Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan


Manual de Capacitación en la Noviolencia

This manual, written in Spanish (Español), provides background and training material for teaching a course Introduction to Nonviolence. Though it was written in the context of a community activist organization in Mexico, the material has been intentionally compiled and presented so as to be adaptable to different local and national contexts. The manual explores three main topical areas: (1) a Gandhian perspective on violence and nonviolence, (2) nonviolent direct action, and (3) constructive programs and peace projects. 

Developed by ICNC LIN Fellow Poncho Hernandez, México, Global Unity Sumak Kausay, A.C., 2017.


Glossary of Civil Resistance: A Resource for Study and Translation of Key Terms

The field of civil resistance is dedicated to understanding how people can fight for rights, freedom, and justice, without the use of violence. This glossary provides definitions and expansive commentary on civil resistance terminology to support sharing of lessons learned and research across different languages.

by Hardy Merriman and Nicola Barrach-Yousefi


A Guide to Nonviolent Activism

Ekta Parishad is a mass-based peoples’ movement for land rights with an active membership of 250,000 landless poor and is regarded as one of the biggest people’s movement in India with an iconic status globally.

by Ekta Parishad, India First published April 2020

War, Women, and Power

War, Women, and Power: From Violence to Mobilization in Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina

By Marie E. Berry



BBC Africa Interview
mumbi ruth
Nairobi, Kenya (GGAN), Founder, Grassroots Women Initiative Network, Carter Center, HRD, Frontline Defender,

Interview with OC member, Ram Bhandari

Ram Kumar Bhandari has led the struggle to secure justice for victims of Nepal’s conflict for over a decade. His involvement with the victims’ movement began when his own father was disappeared in 2001. He has helped to launch the National network of families of the disappeared (NEFAD), the Committee for Social Justice, the National Victims Alliance, and more recently the Conflict Victims Common Platform and the Hateymalo widows’ groups.


Why We Need to Shift from Protest Power to People Power

by Stellan Vinthagen

A year ago, it felt unreal with the shocking images on the news: hospitals surging with patients needing intubation, city streets empty of all pedestrians, societies virtually grounded to a sudden halt — this time a crisis that also affected affluent countries. Twelve months later, the vaccine rollout is underway, at least in the privileged parts of the world, and there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel…

How Nonviolent Activists Helped Oppose the Coup

by Stephen Zunes

Since President-elect Joe Biden’s decisive win in November, there has been understandable consternation at the efforts by President Trump and his supporters to steal the election. It is also important to understand why, so far, and despite the recent violence in Washington, his attempts have been unsuccessful…

The Arts and Symbolism in Mexico’s Feminist Movement

by Poncho H., Mexico City

Last August, during a press conference with Mexico City’s police chief, a group of young women were seen breaking windows and throwing pink glitter in the police chief’s face. This was to demand justice for a teenager allegedly raped by four police officers. The episode sparked what became known as the glitter revolution, a new wave of feminist activism in Mexico…

Front line defenders

Cypher - Edition 01

The first edition of the new monthly digital magazine, “Cypher” – a comics storytelling magazine featuring the work and struggles of HRDs around the world. Follow on Instagram @cypher_comics for the release and for more information.


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