Activist requested (and led) Capacity-Building

Our Five Core Work Areas

Most of our work is a collaboration around five core initiatives among Solidarity 2020 and Beyond’s Staff, its advisory Organizing Committee, and its Global Grassroots Activists Network. These five core areas of work are:

  • Activist Peer-to-Peer Convening, Networking, and Sharing
  • Nonviolent Action and Peacebuilding Skills Training
  • Participatory Research and Activist/Journalist Collaborations
  • Trauma and Self Care Through Stress-Informed Resources and Support, and
  • Resource Networking, References, and Small Grants

    Below is a more detailed description of our specific activities in each of these five core areas of nonviolent movement capacity-building. 

    Activist peer-to-peer Convening, Networking, & Sharing

    • Virtual Monthly Global Grassroots Activists Network, GGAN, meetings to present, share and discuss strategies for campaigns and movements
    • What’s App group to share within GGAN membership
    • International physical gatherings and convenings with Organizing Committee members, GGAN members and partners several times per year
    • One on one coaching with trainers and experts
    • Referrals to online presentations, panels, conferences, discussions to spread knowledge and skills
    • Virtual quarterly meetings withing regional cohorts of GGAN such as SE Asia, South Asia, MENA, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe/Stans
    • Activists Movement Exchange—GGAN members host and travel to each other’s campaigns and movements with support from S2020B—to learn and share

    nonviolent action and peacebuilding Training

    • Virtual training through upcoming online classes launching in 2023

    • On-site and field training with experienced regional and international trainers

    • Tailored hybrid training courses developed upon request


    • Working groups with members of GGAN, staff, OC and partners focused on requested areas of research, documentation and sharing for relevant and field-based research to be shared and utilized quickly (in process)

    • Review of important research findings, books, articles in the nonviolent action and social justice movement fields condensed and distributed for activist use in the field (in process)

    • White papers, short articles, books, and manuals published and shared

    • Curriculum developed and taught through projects with involved OC members and GGAN members


    trauma/self-care resources & Support for activists

    • Connections and referrals to ongoing programs and networks

    • Curriculum and programs from the field including storytelling, dance, art, grief groups, reiki, retreats, health, and community stress reduction

    • Building resources for culturally appropriate techniques/project for community trauma


    Resource references & small grants

    • Share connections and information with GGAN members and activists on experts, organizations, and funding sources such as legal, foundations, UN, EU, Inter-American Commission, multinational and other HRD and movement-support systems and resources

    • Share articles, resources, curriculum developed within GGAN and other sources

    • Provide flexible Emergency and Small Grants for GGAN members’ projects, training, activities, and emergency (economic, security, relocation and healthcare needs)

    • Provide recommendations, references, information on educational, training, digital and physical security plans and tools,  employment and other opportunities in the network

    • Provide editing, language assistance, and other requested support to improve the efficacy and security of grassroots activism.