Activists Convening

Bringing together grassroots activists leaders, Human Rights Defenders, and Community Leaders from around the world

International Activists Convening: Nepal March 2023

From March 15-19, 2023, 80+ activists from 44 countries across the world, the majority from the Global South, gathered under the umbrella of Solidarity 2020 and Beyond in Kathmandu, Nepal for our first ever International Activists Convening (IAC).

The IAC was a major priority requested by Global Grassroots Activists Network (GGAN) members — to come together in person to work in solidarity, build our relationships, knowledge and skills, and create important Regional and International Action Plans about nonviolent resistance and struggles around the world.

The content, panels, and programming of IAC Nepal were supplied by GGAN members, as they shared their organizing, skills, strategies, tactics, training curriculum, analysis, brainstorming and planning together.

Over the course of IAC Nepal, attendees participated in discussions on cross country issues and transnational solidarity including, but not limited to, women’s rights and gender justice, climate crisis and extractive industries, self-determination struggles, democratization and freedom of speech, racial justice and indigenous rights, anti-corruption, and freedom of religion.

Kathmandu Declaration

How do we learn from each other and mobilize in joint struggles more effectively amidst escalating repression, climate catastrophe, systematic exploitation, and new challenges after the COVID pandemic?

This is the question addressed by the 80+ grassroots activists and community leaders from 44 countries, mostly from the Global South, who gathered for the International Activists Convening in Kathmandu, Nepal (IAC). This Kathmandu Declaration summarizes our core values and what we committed to advance in our communities and globally.

Read the Declaration in Spanish, Hindi, Urdu or Arabic.  

Moments from IAC: Nepal 2023