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Our organizational and administrative team are hard at work supporting the Global Grassroots Activists around the world. They act as connectors, supporters, and emergency contacts in times of need. 

Katherine Hughes-Fraitekh

Co-Founder & Director

Katherine Hughes-Fraitekh is one of the three co-founders of Solidarity 2020 and Beyond and its current Director. She is an expert on peace building, social justice movements and nonviolent strategy and resistance. She trains, convenes, and researches hundreds of grassroots activists and nonviolent campaigns and movements struggling for peace, self-determination, women’s rights, economic and environmental justice, and immigrant rights in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America and North America. 

Over the last 10 years, she has traveled to 75 countries, invited by organizers and activists, to provide training and education, strategic planning, capacity building and solidarity for social justice movements.  She was a 2020 Rotary Peace Fellow at the Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and, upon return, co-founded Solidarity 2020 and Beyond, an international network of grassroots activists, journalists and scholars supporting nonviolent movements. She provides consultancy expertise for the Global Fund for Women, the EU Peace Initiative in Palestine/Israel, Women in the Peace Process in Afghanistan, curriculum development, training, and strategic planning support for Action Aid projects with African Youth Movement and Afresist. 

Ms. Hughes-Fraitekh is Co-Founder and Co-Coordinator for the Sukat Group, Inc. a non-profit supporting start-ups and humanitarian projects based in Ramallah, Palestine through connection to capacity building, funding, and entrepreneurial resources. She is currently on the board of the Free Laos Campaign and Day Africa, Kenya. Ms. Hughes-Fraitekh is also a grassroots activist involved in anti-racism, anti-Islamophobia, anti-militarism, gun control, immigrant and women’s rights and Palestinian human rights organizing in the US.  She provides commentary on international news programs and teaches classes on movement building and Palestine/Israel.


Steve Chase

Assistant Director

Steve Chase is the Assistant Director of Solidarity 2020 and Beyond, as well as a Contributor to Waging Nonviolence and the Minds of the Movement blog. His most recent book for activists is How Agent Provocateurs Harm Our Movements, which was published by ICNC Press in late 2021 and is now available as a free download, a print version, or an ebook from them. 

Steve’s work for Solidarity 2020 and Beyond supports administration, web development, social media promotion, collaboration with the Organizing Committee, and, as well as developing and delivering training curriculum and materials for GGAN participants and others. 

During his doctorate work at Antioch University, Steve completed a curriculum action research dissertation entitled, Activist Training in the Academy: Developing a Master’s Program in Environmental Advocacy and Organizing. The dissertation served as the conceptual blueprint for Antioch University’s master’s program in Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability and inspired the five-point curriculum framework of The Change Agency, a national nonviolent activist training network in Australia. Steve served as the Director of Antioch University’s Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability master’s program for twelve years. He taught blended online/on-campus courses in Organizing Social Movements and Campaigns; Leadership for Change; Political Economy and Sustainability; Corporate Power and Democracy; Diversity, Justice, and Inclusion; as well as several all-online classes in Nonprofit Leadership. 

Before his graduate work at Antioch University, Steve worked eight years as an editor at South End Press, a worker-managed cooperative publishing books serving academics and organizers interested in social movements, human rights, and social change strategy. Most recently, Steve was the Manager of Academic Initiatives at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict working on publications, managing research and curriculum fellowships, online education, and co-leading regional institutes on strategic nonviolent action in Nepal and Ukraine.


Reem Ghunaim

International Outreach and Development Deputy

Reem is a global leader on peacebuilding, social entrepreneurship, and technology. She serves on the boards of multiple national and international organizations, including Hands of Peace and Combatants for Peace. Reem is a thought leader whose writings have helped community leaders in more than 125 countries. She is the recipient of the 2021 Global Peace and Humanitarian Award that recognizes her transformative work and leadership. Her work has improved the lives of many people around the world and consistently contributed to promoting a culture of peace.  Reem was awarded the O1 Legal Status by the USCIS for her Extraordinary Abilities in management and leadership in the field of world peace. 

Reem is currently the International Outreach and Development Deputy for Solidarity 2020 and Beyond.  In addition, she is the Founder and CEO of MediaX, a company she founded through the Founder Institute. Further, Reem is a Positive Peace Activator and a Global Peace Index Ambassador for the Institute for Economics and Peace. 

Reem earned a Rotary Peace Fellowship at Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center where she earned her master’s degree in City and Regional Planning and a certificate in International Peace and Conflict Resolution. Reem is the immediate past Executive Director for the Rotary Action Group for Peace based in Portland, Oregon. She served on RAGFP from 2016 to 2021. 

Reem’s mission is to dismantle stereotypes and elevate the voices of the oppressed by cultivating mutual understanding, promoting Positive Peace, and protecting Human Rights for all.

Electra Lennartsson

Program Assistant Intern

Electra Lennartsson is a Greek-French activist, who has lived in Sweden since 2014 and is currently pursuing her second Master’s degree at the Uppsala University in Political Science and Peace & Conflict. She has been involved in grassroots activism for over 15 years and has worked as editor-in-cheif at a weekly newspaper, done web design and maintenance for various initiatives such as The Movement Hub, Fossil Free, and Ende Galande. Nordic Climate Justice Program, a collective of activists based in Scandinavia for whom she is now also the treasurer aiding their crowdfunding needs. She is also an experienced nonviolent action trainer.

Corinne Paalam

Program Assistant Intern

Corinne Paalam grew up in Annapolis Maryland, and received her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of San Francisco, where she majored in International Studies with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. She is a passionate advocate for human rights with a special interest in conflict resolution and nonviolent resistance movements. She has worked with multiple NGO’s and human rights based organizations. She is inspired by learning from other cultures, and is honored to work with Solidarity 2020 and Beyond, and their global network of activists and experts.

Nicole Munson

Program Assistant Intern

Nicole Munson resides in Detroit, Michigan (US). She holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and has been accepted to be an MPhil Candidate at Trinity College in fall 2022 working towards a degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. She enjoys using her organizational skills to support leaders and organizations working for a more equitable world. She is interested in furthering her understanding and passions in human rights, nonviolent action, women in conflict, peacebuilding and education. 

Rima Ashawesh

Program Assistant Intern

Rima Ashawesh is an experienced Program Development and Grants Specialist, who has worked in Libya focused on empowering women, supporting civil society organizations, and promoting peace and unity. Currently, she is a master’s student of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Waterloo and Conrad Grebel. She is inspired to do this work after witnessing the 17th of February revolution in Libya during the Arab Spring wave in 2011. She is excited to deepen her involvement in solidarity work with grassroots activists in MENA and around the world.

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